Kei Komuro Net Worth, Bio, Age, Height, Wife, Wedding, Education and Family

Kei Komuro and Mako
Kei Komuro and Mako

Kei Komuro Net Worth

Komuro has a net worth of $1 million- $5 million. He is currently working as a certified securities broker representative.

Kei Komuro Biography

Komuro has recently come to the limelight for being the newly wedded husband of princess Mako who belongs to Japan. Princess Mako has now said goodbye to all of her royal mates and the royalties. The couple met while the two were students at the university.

They then fell for each other and planned to one day get married but it was not just a walk in the pack both the personalities as they both were caught by their responsibilities at different times. The couple married on this 26th October 2021 without performing any ritual or without any traditional celebration such as any banquet for the occasion.

Kei Komuro Early Life

Raised by a single mother part of Kei Komuro’s education was funded by his mother’s former fiancé. Komuro used to earn some money by working for tourism promotion near Tokyo. He was a paralegal who was working for a legal firm after graduating from Fordham University’s School of Law in May. Komuro took the exam in the New York bar exam in July 2021 and the results are expected to be declared after mid-December.

Kei Komuro Education

Komuro studied at international junior high school and senior high school. He later joined Tokyo’s International Christian University (ICU) where princess Mako was also supposed to study and where the two met each other before Komuro headed to the U.S.

Kei Komuro Career

Following Kei’s participation in an annual student writing competition that was held by the association, Komuro was named the top prize winner of 2020. Kei worked at one of the law firms in Tokyo, Japan. He was appointed as the certified securities broker representative in a foreign exchange bank.

Kei Komuro Age

Kei Komuro was born on 5 October 1991 in Japan. He is 30 years old as of 2021.

Kei Komuro Height and Weight

Komuro stands at a height of  5’ 6” and weighs 62 kg  

Kei Komuro Wedding / Kei KomuroWife (Mako)

Mako, the princess of Japan made her engagement to Kei Komuro public four years ago. Their alliance was often questioned by several controversies, disapproval, tabloid frenzy, and a lot of other things like money scandal that involved Komuro’s mother. The former fiancé of Komuro’s mother revealed that Komuro’s mother was involved in a scandal where it was proposed that she and her only son got failed to repay the debt of $35,000.

Komuro spoke about the matter and revealed that the money was provided but as a gift not as a loan. Now in 2021, he has submitted a 24-page document explanation reporting for a settlement that would be paid later. 

Komuro and Mako planned to marry back in 2018 but due to certain circumstances, they had to push back their wedding. The imperial household said that it was because of lack of preparations and some reports that Komuro’s mother failed to pay the debt of $36,000 due to which the marriage had to postpone.

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