Mishel Prada Bio, Age, Height, Net Worth and Vida

Mishel Prada Age, Birthday, Height, Net Worth, Family, Salary
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This is what you need to know about Mishel Prada an American actress. She is best known for portraying the lead role of Emma Hernandez in the Starz drama series, Vida. She previously starred in The Walking Dead spinoff web series, Fear the Walking Dead: Passage.

Mishel Prada Age

Prada was born on December 23 1989 in Hialeah, Florida, United States. She is 32 years old.

Mishel Prada Height

Prada stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Mishel Prada Husband

Prada is married to her handsome husband named Stewart Cole.

Mishel Prada’s Net Worth

Prada has an estimated net worth of around US dollars which she earns through her acting career.

Mishel Prada Career

Prada began acting as a child, performing in church and school productions. She began to pursue acting professionally when she was 23. While acting in minor roles, she worked as a concierge at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

Her first lead role was in Fear the Walking Dead: Passage, which received a Creative Arts Emmy Award nomination. She introduced herself to Stranger Things casting director Carmen Cuba after the ceremony. Cuba called Prada later to read for a role in the Starz drama Vida, which was in production.

Prada first auditioned for the roles of Lyn and Cruz but was eventually offered the role of Emma, a Mexican-American woman who moves back to her gentrifying neighborhood in East Los Angeles after the death of her mother. Vida debuted in May 2018 and the second season premiered on May 23, 2019.

She is a founding member of a female art collective called Damarosa, which looks at the artistic work of influential women in literature.

Mishel Prada Vida

Mishel Prada, Starz’s upcoming show “Vida” represents a new kind of opportunity. For one, this is the first television gig she’s booked. But it’s also a turning point for the larger community it represents. Created by Tanya Saracho, “Vida” centers on Prada’s character, Emma, as she returns home to East Los Angeles after her mother passes.

Along with her sister, Lyn (Melissa Barrera), Emma sets about putting her mother’s affairs in order only to find one obstacle she hadn’t anticipated: Her mother, the same one who’d all but shipped Emma off after she’d found she was attracted to girls, had been living with Eddy (Ser Anzoategui), a same-sex partner of her own.

As they grieve for the loss in their lives, these three women must come together to keep the building they now co-own—despite having very different ideas of what to do with a hot property in an ever-gentrifying area of the city. Soaked in East L.A. culture with dialogue that organically shuttles between English and Spanish, “Vida” is, in current parlance, “queer and Latinx af.”

Characters go to brujas to help rid themselves of guilt; guys enjoy being rimmed by the girls they’re sleeping with, and neighbors are quick to use words like “pocha” and “whitina” to call out light-skinned girls on the street.

During a March chat in Brooklyn with Backstage, Prada is giddy about finally putting “Vida” out into the world. She’s incredibly proud of what she’s helped create, tackling as it does notions of identity and sexuality in refreshingly candid ways. Nevertheless, she can’t contain the apprehension that comes with inviting others to see what you’ve spent so much energy on. “It’s always like, ‘Does anybody else want to see my kid play Little League? He’s really good, right?’ ”

The added nervousness comes from knowing this is a show that hopes to break ground when it comes to representation. “Vida” isn’t merely about these two Latina sisters; it is very much a show interested in breaking down different kinds of Latinidad. Saracho’s show is focused on characters that demand audiences question the way Latinx identity in 2018 intersects with race, sexuality, and class. It’s a show that places “representation matters” as its bedrock, not merely as its end.

This is what excites Prada most. “I want this to inspire other networks to take chances on stuff like this. What Starz has done is given us this openness that doesn’t come along often enough. I would feel so happy if this was the door that got cracked open so that other networks and other production companies started putting their money on other types of shows, other types of movies.”It was a similar moment of inspiration that eventually helped her connect with the person who cast her in the role of Emma.

As part of the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead: Passage,” Prada was invited to attend the Creative Arts Emmys last year, where the web series spinoff was nominated for two awards.

All dressed up and wearing a pair of earrings that belonged to her grandmother who’d come from the Dominican Republic as an immigrant, Prada had a front-row (well, third-row) seat to see Carmen Cuba win the Emmy for casting “Stranger Things.” Cuba’s speech moved Prada so much that she later found her at a party and told her how much it meant to see a fellow Latina up there onstage. Soon after, she got a chance to read for Emma in front of Cuba herself, booked the role, and a week later was shooting the very first episode of the show.

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